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Daily Addict - Bottega Coco

Daily Addict -Bottega Coco

This ragu, tho

Sitting in the sunny corner pride-of-place spot where Bel & Brio once reigned, Bottega Coco is light and bright and ever so Italian. It’s also where I just ate the best ragu I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to Italy – just sayin’.

‘We opened two weeks ago’, says Jacob, the effervescent restaurant manager. “It’s hectic, but it’s going very well.’ And, it looks like it absolutely is. The red banquette seating is comfy and settle-on-in cosy, and pairs of people are engaged in conversation as they sip from wine glasses with generous pours. The menus are encased in fat leather binders, and after having a look in the massive wine cellar (I’ll get back to this), we sit to have a look at what’s on offer. Chef Pier Davide Maiuri has crafted a menu that’s decadent without being over the top; and although it’s truffle season (cue the hysteria), neither I nor my dining companion are much into them – am I fired now?

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Bottega Coco